Saturday, October 21, 2017

Edited track for Featured Dancers

 Extended track for the scene change/dance.  Featured Dancers, you can practice with this edited track.

Edited track

Friday, October 20, 2017

Rehearsals November 3rd and 4th

For our last weekend of rehearsals, we will be at a different church, due to conflicts at Crossroads.  So, for November 3rd and 4th, we will be at New Hope Community Church.

11731 SE Stevens Rd. Happy Valley
From 205 take the Sunnybrook/Sunnyside Exit.
Turn and head east on Sunnyside (away from the mall).
Turn left on Stevens Rd.
Continue onto SE Bob Schumacher Rd
Turn right at light into New Hope Community Church.
Entrance will be to the right of the cross under the external stairs.

This is ONLY for November 3rd and 4th.  

October 20/21 and October 27/28 will remain at Crossroads Church.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Use your free tickets :)

All cast and crew members have a free ticket in their family account which can be used to go see other Journey shows and support our Journey family.

Your free tickets MUST be redeemed online! (Friday at 8am prior to the weekend, or Friday before 3pm by calling the office).

This weekend only, at the Alpenrose Opera House in Portland, Willy Wonka Jr.

Showing this weekend and next, Alice in Wonderland Jr., at Ridgefield High School.

Elf the Musical, jr will be showing Dec. 1-10th, at Washougal High School

Don't wait! Redeem your tickets now and enjoy the shows!

Show shoes

As students get their show shoes (and have them approved by the costume committee, if necessary), please have them begin wearing them to rehearsal.  The sooner they can start wearing them, the sooner they get used to moving and dancing in them.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Costume tights

For the Featured Dancers and Fairies, who will need NUDE tights for Peter Pan, the costume committee will order them (to get a discount).  The price is:

$10.50 for teen girls
$7.00 for girls

These tights are the thick dancing tights (not normal pantyhose).

Please let the our Costume Chair, Tabitha Klein, know how many pair you would like to order (Please email her by Wed. Oct. 11th).  If she doesn't hear from you, she'll order you 1 pair.  Her email is  The students will need to leave the tights in their show box at the theater (along with show shoes).  If you would like to take them home to wash, and leave a pair in the show box, you'll want to order 2 pair.  It's fine to order just 1 pair, they just need to be left at the theater from move in until the final show.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Ticket Sales

Ticket sales so far for Peter Pan, jr:

Friday, November 10   129
Saturday, Nov 11          11
Friday, November 17   28
Saturday, Nov 18         138
Sunday, Nov 19           133

TOTAL                         544

These students have earned their way to the Director's Event:
Kyla Mae and Ellie Totten, 31 tickets sold

These students are close:

Ian Parks, 28 tickets sold
Kelsey and Kylie Burton, 26 tickets sold

REMEMBER:  Top ticket seller with at least 50 tickets sold wins a $50 Amazon gift card!

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Sock and Shoe Requirements for Peter Pan, jr.

Peter Pan
short brown boots
Black ballet slippers OR blue, brown or black flats;  white tights
John, Michael
Black jazz shoes, white or black socks
Pointe shoes, nude tights
White ballet slippers, nude tights
Lilybelle Moir
Nana: Black jazz shoes, black socks

Indian:  tan jazz shoes or moccasins
Lydia Johnson
Mrs. Darling: Black character shoes, knee-high white socks

Mermaid:  tan jazz shoes, nude tights, nude leotard

Featured Dancer:  black leggings, black tank top, black socks, black jazz shoes or ballet slippers

Indian song:  tan jazz shoes, nude tights (same as for mermaid)
Joseph McConnell
Mr. Darling: Black dress shoes,  black socks

Captain Hook:  Knee-high white socks and “pilgrim shoes” or black boots and socks
White socks/short brown boots
Chief Tiger Bamboo
Brown moccasins or moccasin looking shoes
Tiger Lily
Brown moccasins or moccasin looking shoes
Featured Dancers/Mermaids
For mermaids: tan jazz shoes, nude tights, nude leotard

For featured dancer: black leggings, black tank top, black socks, black jazz shoes or ballet slippers

Indian song:  tan jazz shoes, nude tights (same as for mermaids)
Lost Boys
Black jazz shoes, white or black socks
Black socks, black or brown boots, knee high preferred (any style except cowboy boots)
Indians/Indian Children
Tan jazz shoes, boots or moccasins, no tights required for the girls

*Items in red will be purchased by the costume committee, and reimbursed by families.  This is to assure the colors match exactly, and we can sometimes get a discount by ordering in bulk.

*when students have their show shoes, they will need to begin wearing them to rehearsal as soon as possible to get used to moving and dancing in them.

Hanging posters

Please be sure, when you're hanging posters in the community, to ask the business first if it is okay. Sometimes businesses don't allow it and we want to be respectful of that.  Thanks!

Friday, September 29, 2017

Background Checks

Thank you for being a part of Journey Theater!  We appreciate all your time and energy to make our show be a big success.  As part of our goal in keeping our kids safe, we have a background check process that is required for certain committees. 
   If your name is listed, please either click the link below and submit for your background check/renewal, OR send an email to our office stating that you/your spouse are not the parent serving or which one of you is serving in the background required area.  All names listed must be accounted for, and before working in your committee.
Thank you!

Shane Bryan
Cameron & Lisa Buerkle
Scott Burton
Kyle & Michelle Chard
Chad & Courtney DuBose
Chris Dunlop
Jessie Fan (see Mast)
Natividad & Yolanda Huerta
Matt & Tami Jordan
James Mast (see Fan)
Mark & Julie McConnell
Matt & Nichole Metcalfe
Tim & Kelli Moir
Ian Moxley
Brent & DeAnna Richmond
Mark & Margo Secomb
Chris & Tammy Swanberg
Daniel & Teryn Tatro
Carin Utt
Doug & Sandy Virnig
Steve Wells
Jeff Wheeler
John & Holly Willsea

Email (insert office admin) at: