Thursday, February 15, 2018

Pre-ordered Souvenirs

If you ordered souvenirs online, please stop by the Souvenir table this weekend to pick up your items.


A couple of reminders before we head into this weekend of shows:

*Please don't enter the school (or knock on the doors) until it is time.  Call time Friday is 6pm (we can enter at 5:30pm to set up committees).  Saturday, call time is 12pm.  Please do not enter before these times.  Also, do NOT enter the back gate if it is locked.  We want to be honoring to the staff at Alder Creek and show them that we are trustworthy and respectful of their time.

*Cleaning duties: Students must do their cleaning duties before they leave the school after each performance.  Parents, please help reinforce this by asking your student if they've done their cleaning on their night.  Students need to check in with their Team Leader before they leave after cleaning.  The Team Leader will sign their team out when it is done.  If a student is a Team Leader for cleaning, they need to be the last one from their team there to make sure their area is done.

*Parents need to have a Parent Pass or a ticket to come in and watch the show. Tech Committee and House Committee will be in the theater while working.  If you are on one of these committees and not working, you will also need a Parent Pass or ticket to watch the show.  Tickets can be purchased ahead of time, online or by calling the office.  They can also be purchased at the door, but the cost is $4.00 more at the door.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Cleaning teams for Alder Creek

Cleaning Teams:
Team A 2/12, 2/15, 2/23        Team B 2/13, 2/16, 2/24       Team C  2/14, 2/17, 2/25
On Sunday 2/25  Team A and B  will be assigned to help committees.
Teams: * is team leader
Team A
Girls Bathroom
*Kelsey Burton
 Olivia Boyd
Boys Bathroom
*Josiah Bartell
 Jeffrey Fallau
*Jill Budde
 Ian Parks
 Madison Jordan
 Reese Long
 Ryker Huson
 Kiera Chard
*Kelsey Wallace
 Cassidy Brunelle
 Lily Buerkle
 Abby Levy
 Ella Huson
* Michael Bartell
 Jenna Wallace
 Caden Tatro
 Cooper Brunelle
 Addison Lee

Team B
Girls Bathroom
*Megan Hankland
 Autumn Johnson
Boys Bathroom
*Matthew Beitler
 Levi Johnson
* Faythe Tokonitz
  Isabella Gullett
  Madeline Carrere
  Fiona Garrett
  Elizabeth Oman
  Serena Mason
*Draven Carrere
 Leo Gullett
 Sophia Gullett
 Candace  Stilwell   
Alexandra Gunderson
* Lydia Johnson
 Sarah Beckers
 Isaac Dunlop
 Melody Gullett
 Isabella Simonutti

Team C

Girls Bathroom
* Samaria Uesato
  London Pettis
Boy’s Bathroom
* Daniel Eremeyeff
  Emery Van Sickle

* Kiersten Carver
  Isabella Macpherson
 Cambelle Harrison
 Alex Swanberg
 Reese Shoemaker
 Laila Handsaker
* True Fontaine
  Levi Pettis
 Jasmine Fletcher
* Jonas Schouten
  Lily Schager
 Olivia Holmstedt
  Ryan Klein

Monday, February 5, 2018

Spring Registration

Registration for spring classes will be open on February 12th.  Register early to get the Early Registration Discount (discount ends at midnight on February 26th).

We have some great classes lined up for spring, don't miss out!

Ad Sales

We are looking for someone in Portland to sell ads for our Playbills.  This would satisfy your Parent Committee responsibility, and we would love to have someone on a regular basis, if possible.

If you work in, or have experience with sales...or just love Journey and love telling people about our program, this may be a great fit for you.

If you're interested, let me know and we can talk further.  :)

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Thank You :)

A huge THANK YOU to our Artistic Team, and all of our parents and volunteers!  You are all what makes this such an amazing experience for the students.  They are able to do something they love, and shine on stage because of all of all you do.  Thank you for your time and hard work!

Monday, January 29, 2018

Use your free tickets :)

All students enrolled in a Journey class have a free ticket in their family account which can be used to go see other Journey shows and support our Journey family.

Your free tickets MUST be redeemed online! (Friday at 3pm before each weekend of shows)

Here are the dates that don't conflict with our Seussical dates:

Aladdin, jr in Beaverton: all dates will work

Pirates of Penzance, jr in Vancouver:
Saturday, Feb. 17th 7pm
Saturday, Feb. 24th 7pm

Little Women in Vancouver East:  all dates will work

Ticket Sales

Friday, February 16th              263
Saturday, February 17th         377
Friday, February 23rd              127
Saturday, February 24th          197
Sunday, February 25th            172

Total:                                      1136

Top ticket sellers:

Kelsey and Jenna Wallace 73 tickets
Megan Hankland 48 tickets
Alex Swanberg 32 tickets
Jonas Schouten 30 tickets
Gullett Family 30 tickets
Samaria Uesato 30 tickets
Sarah Beckers 26 tickets
Cassidy & Cooper 26 tickets
Jeffrey Fallau/Lily Buerkle 21 tickets
Daniel Eremeyeff 20 tickets
Reece Long 20 tickets
Chloe McDougall 19 tickets
Kelsey Burton 18 tickets

Remember, the highest ticket seller, with at least 50 tickets sold, wins a $50 Amazon Gift Card! :)

Congrats Kelsey, Jenna, Megan, Jonas, Isabella G., Sophia, Leo, Melody, Alex, and Samaria for making it to the Director's Event!

We have a LONG way to go to fill up the theater for Seussical.  Keep selling those tickets!

Saturday, January 13, 2018


We DO NOT have the option to keep scripts for Seussical.  Please mark lightly in pencil and make sure everything is erased before the Strike Party.  All scripts will need to be turned in at the Strike Party.