Thursday, March 23, 2017

Callback list for HSM2

Great job to everyone who auditioned for High School Musical 2, jr!  Please find your name below to know which time frame you have been called back for.

Please bring a water bottle, jazz shoes or shoes you can dance in, and wear modest, comfortable clothes you can dance in.  If you are called longer than 1 hour, please also bring a snack/dinner.

PARENTS:  Please note the time your child is called back and be prompt in picking them up. Thank you.



Addison Wheeler
Allison Caverly
Ashley Cline
Goldie Hohnstein
Jenna Sinclair
Laila Handsaker
Levi Pettis
Melody Gullett
Phoebe Perrone
Satta Schmitt
Sofia Anderson
Sophia Gullett

Abigail Hill
Autumn Johnson
Ava Maloco
Candice Stilwell
Ethan Wheeler
Faythe Tokonitz
Ian Parks
Isabella Gullett
Jonas Schouten
Kelsey Burton
Kyle Jackson
Kylie Burton
Madeline Carrere
Matthew Beitler
Megan Hankland
Olivia Holmstedt
Quinn Moxley
Rachel Moormann
Ryan Klein
Serena Mason
True Fontaine
Weston Glover

Ben Kautz
Cassie Burton
Draven Carrere
Jill Budde
Kelsey Wallace
Lexie Moormann
Lydia Johnson
Mitchell McJulien
Paige Norton
Samaria Uesato
Sarah Beckers
Sasha Selva

Little Mermaid Ticket Sales

Final count for ticket sales for The Little Mermaid was  2107!!

Great job selling tickets everyone!  👊

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Social Media pics

Nut Free snacks

Journey is instituting a NUT FREE environment from now on.  If you send a snack to callbacks or rehearsals with your student, please choose a nut free option.  We want to be cautious and make sure we are are taking care of the health and safety of all of our students.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Easy access to Call Board

Adding the Call Board as an icon on your phone/ipod/tablet:

*Open the Call Board from your device
*At the bottom of the screen, tap the menu button (square with an arrow pointing up)
*Tap "Add to homescreen"

Viola!  Call Board access just got a whole lot easier! :)