Sunday, April 22, 2018

Order Deadline

The order deadline for the following optional items is Monday, April 23rd, at midnight:

Parent Pass $25

If you order a Parent Pass, you will have a preferred seat reserved for you on Opening Night.  All other performances, you will sign in for a Parent Pass ticket at the Box Office table.  If you aren't able to see the performance on Opening Night, you can call the office and they will transfer your preferred seat to another performance. :)

Show Stickers $3

Pre-order souvenirs (show bears, charms, decals, etc...price varies).  The souvenir table only has a few of each of the pre order souvenirs at the table, so place your order online to be sure you get the item you want.  Show bears are ONLY available as a pre order.  They won't be available at the souvenir table.  Prices vary.

Congrat/personal ads $7-$130

A great way to congratulate your cast or crew member!  Parents, relatives, friends...anyone can put in a Congrat ad.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Purchasing Tickets

When ordering tickets, please place orders using vouchers or Journey Points as separate transactions from fully paid ticket orders.  The use of vouchers or Journey Points may result in a student not receiving credit for any of the tickets in that order.  

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Pizza dates

At the rehearsals listed below, we will be selling pizza.  We get pizza from Little Caesars.  $1.50 per slice, students can purchase as many slices as they would like, cheese or pepperoni.  Students will order and pay for pizza before rehearsal begins. 

Friday, April 27th
Saturday, April 28th
Friday, May 11th
Saturday, May 12th
Friday, May 18th
Saturday, May 19th

Drop off at rehearsals

Parents:  Please be sure the Artistic Team or Aimee is at the church before you drop your child(ren) off at rehearsal.  If you're not sure, please walk in with your child to be sure.  We want to make sure there is supervision anytime our students are at rehearsal.  Thanks so much. 

No hairstyle changes

Reminder:  No hairstyle changes, for boys or girls, without permission from the Director or Hair & Make Up Chair.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Background Checks

Thank you for being a part of Journey Theater!  We appreciate all your time and energy to make our show be a big success.  As part of our goal in keeping our kids safe, we have a background check process that is required for certain committees. 
   If your name is listed, please either click the link below and submit for your background check/renewal, OR send an email to our office stating either that you/your spouse are not the parent serving or which one of you is serving in the background required area.  All names listed must be accounted for, and before working in your committee.
Allene Goshey 
Nicole Levy 
Andy and Angie Long 
Tove Maloco
Ian Moxley  
Jill Reed 
Matt and Kim Wallace 

Email (insert office admin) at:

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Crew rehearsal dates

Crew is called to rehearsals on:

Friday, April 13th 5-7pm
Saturday, April 28th 11am-1pm
Friday, May 18th 5-9pm
Saturday, May 19th 9am-1pm

move in, all dress rehearsals and all performances

Rehearsal Schedule

The rehearsal schedule has been posted under the tab above.  You can print it out from here, or you will also receive a copy at the Parent Meeting on Friday.

Nuts at rehearsals

Good morning families,

Journey is re-evaluating our policy on no nuts, and we have decided to take it session by session.  This session, we don't have any students who have an airborne nut allergy.  Because of this, it is okay to send snacks and lunches with your students to rehearsals that have nuts in them.